Eat Less.
Move More.

The ELMM watch counts your bites in real time, a calorie counter helping you eat less and
lose weight in the best
way possible.

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The ELMM makes weight loss simpler. While devices tracking exercise are becoming increasingly prevalent, devices designed to automatically track calorie intake have been slow to reach the market, leaving dieters to the difficult task of manually recording calories. Eat less by letting the ELMM watch count calories for you.

The ELMM is a digital watch that does a few other amazing things:

 Automatically records your bites

Gives you realtime feedback when you’re full

Counts your steps

The ELMM blends into your normal daily life. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to change your weight for good!

See How it Works

I found that I was full on less food than I would have normally eaten.

2011 Study Participant

The watch helped me think more about my eating rather than just mindlessly eating while I did other things.

2011 Study Participant

The alarm on the watch made me pay more attention to the portions I consumed during each meal.

2011 Study Participant

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