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How does the ELMM know when I take a bite?

The ELMM contains a patented combination of gyroscope and algorithm to track wrist motion. The ELMM is 86% accurate in recording bites when in use. This actually puts it ahead of the 75% accuracy of today’s most popular physical activity monitoring devices.

Doesn't food type matter? A bite of chocolate is very different from a bite of celery.

That’s true! However, the caloric content of your bite actually averages out over the long term.

That being said, unless your eating habits are extremely high or low in calories compared to the average, you don’t have to do anything for the ELMM to be accurate over time. We were surprised during our research to find how much this is true across various individuals with different eating habits. Height is actually the characteristic that affects calories per bites the most!

How long do I need to wear the ELMM?

ELMM users should wear their watch every day. As far as length of time, the ELMM works best in the long term. Because the best way to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight is permanent lifestyle change, the ELMM was designed to have a long lifespan and be a useful tool in any stage of weight loss and management.

Isn’t it too easy to cheat while wearing the ELMM?

All weight loss plans can be cheated. The ELMM is a tool in the eager dieter’s tool belt that has no current market equivalent. It’s best used when seen as a diet buddy or partner—not an angry babysitter!

Does the device know what the wearer is eating?

No, the ELMM does not measure nutritional information.

What if I forget to turn the watch on/off?

Currently, the watch relies solely on your remembering to press the counter button on and off. Signals that may assist in reminding you include reminders on your phone, friends/family members, or even post-it notes. The most difficult part of establishing any habit is getting through the first month, and we’ve found that the excitement of having a device to “count calories” on the wearer’s behalf helps them form the habit of pressing the button quickly!

While forgetting to turn the watch on renders the ELMM ineffective for that meal, forgetting to turn the watch off hinders your ability to see your progress over time. If you do forget to turn it off, the counter will shut off automatically after one hour, but there will no longer be a reliable way to determine how many bites you have taken so far that day; however, you will still know about how many bites you need to take at each remaining meal (due to your daily goal).

Which wrist is it worn on?

The ELMM is worn on the wrist of the dominant hand, which is what a typical person uses to eat most of their food.

What if a person eats with both hands?

On average, people consume over 90% of their food with the dominant hand and approximately 50% of their liquid with the dominant hand. In cases where both hands are used for the same bite, the motion of the dominant hand is often still recognizable by the ELMM.

What if a person talks and gestures while eating?

Sure. The ELMM can get confused by some non-eating motions, such as using a napkin, adjusting glasses, and some types of arm gestures. Interestingly, people tend to conduct the same amount of these types of motions meal to meal, minimizing their effect on long-term tracking of intake. Plus, the ELMM occasionally misses bites that do not include any wrist-roll motion (such as taking another bite from an ice cream cone), so these gestures contribute to better accuracy in some meals.

How big is it?

The ELMM is a small, discreet device. It is smaller than smartwatches and fitness watches.

Plus, the ELMM is currently still in what we would consider the beginning phases of its introduction to the wide world of weight loss tools! Your use of the watch and feedback may contribute to a sleeker design in the near future! Help us improve the ELMM.

Is it waterproof?

The device is water resistant to IP code 3.

Can I change the watchband?

Yes! Any standard 18 mm band can be used.

Is there an ELMM diet?

Nope, but the ELMM is a fantastic compliment to any nutritious diet plan that doesn’t emphasize “overnight” weight loss. Use it to more accurately track portions/calories throughout your day.

How does it compare to other watches people use?

The ELMM is the only tool that provides real-time intake measurement while you eat! You can use it to know when you’re full before your body does, control meal portions, and stick to your calorie-intake goals each and every time you eat.

Automation in the area of calorie counting also eliminates the risk of forgetting or not having time to accurately record what the wearer has eaten throughout the day.

The ELMM also measures energy output with a pedometer.

How does the watch make me stop eating?

The ELMM can’t make you stop eating, but it does have an audible alarm that can be set to a.) go off during each meal when a custom-set limit is passed, or b.) go off when you’ve reached your goal for the day. After the limit is reached, the alarm sounds every time another bite is eaten.

Who is the intended user?

The ELMM is for anyone who wants an easier, more accurate way to measure intake and stick to weight loss goals. Today’s popular fitness trackers help motivate users to exercise and to track daily goals. Similarly, the ELMM helps empower wearers to know how much they actually eat and motivate wearers toward effective portion control.

Do you offer any discounts for orders of more than one device?

Yes, please contact us for bulk order discount pricing. Custom colors may also be available when ordering the ELMM in bulk.