The Story Behind the ELMM

The patented technology behind the ELMM was invented at Clemson University by Drs. Adam Hoover and Eric Muth and a dedicated team of graduate and undergraduate students. True to the original tagline of the device—“Weight loss is hard enough. Counting calories should be easy.”—the goal of this original team was to make monitoring energy intake easier, more realistic, and more fun.

The ELMM watch has been designed and tested over the course of eight years. Here’s a timeline of its history:

Wrist roll bite counting technology


Developers Drs. Adam Hoover and Eric Muth had been discussing the use of wearable devices to assist in challenging weight loss for some time. There was simply a huge lack in the area of an objective, doable way to measure calorie intake, such as a fitness watch.

The doctors theorized that measuring the physical action of taking a bite of food could be a.) tracked b.) mathematically correlated to the amount of calories consumed enough to where the device would be accurate over time (not for each individual bite, of course, since it wouldn’t be able to tell what the wearer was eating).

And so, the journey to the ELMM began.

ELMM Watch prototype 1


Version 1

The original sensor was attached to the wearer’s wrist via a sweatband and wired to a computer. We studied wrist-roll motion during eating and drinking and devised a way to accurately record it.

ELMM Watch prototype


Version 2

Although it’s still rocking a sweat band, the sensor is now wireless. This sensor contained both the hardware and software needed to count bites. Oh, and of course, a handy battery to power it up!

Bite Technologies logo


Bite Technologies is founded as official licensees of the technology behind the ELMM.

ELMM Watch prototype


Version 3

Our first self-contained, timekeeping unit! Okay, you can stop laughing now.

ELMM bite counter


Version 4

The first unit we designed and manufactured. It’s still a little (okay, a lot) clunky, but we were still primarily interested in seeing how the device worked at this point. This year, Bite Technologies in collaboration with Clemson University completed a study involving 300 college students. These students were treated to lunch on us. The catch? They had to wear the bite counter and record what they ate.

The team learned some new things from this study, like which foods were hardest to track, but overall, the device’s accuracy in counting bites was confirmed to be 86%, better than most step-counting devices! It was time to go to market.

Current model of the ELMM watch


Version 5

Our 2nd generation manufactured model, complete with a smaller body, pedometer, and replaceable strap. Offered to the public for the first time.


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The ELMM Watch future


Version 6

Smaller? Sleeker? We can’t wait to see what’s next for the ELMM. If you can’t either, then you could play an important role in making the ELMM even better. Contact us if you’re willing to be an ELMM wearer who shares your story.

Notable papers published on the tech behind the ELMM watch include but aren’t limited to: