Did you know that your forearm and wrist move in a totally unique way when you’re eating a meal?

The ELMM watch counts the number of bites you take using patented technology that monitors wrist-roll motion. All you need to do is press a button to initiate counting before you begin eating, and press it again once you conclude your meal.

From Eating Less to Losing Weight

Consuming the correct amount of calories (energy) during each meal leads to establishing a healthy weight. According to New York Times contributor and pediatrician Aaron E. Carroll, eating less is far more important than exercising when it comes to losing weight.

The ELMM watch will help you consistently consume the right amount of bites (and therefore, the right amount of calories) for you to achieve your weight goals over time—without a special diet plan. Knowing when to stop eating empowers you to lose weight without the harmful and discouraging yo-yo effect caused by fad diets and difficult calorie counting methods. Eat less and lose weight the healthy way.

The Right Number of Bites for You

Determine a healthy daily bite goal by monitoring your current eating habits for your first two weeks with the ELMM. You will learn how many bites you consume each day on average, which will then help you set a healthy goal of 10 to 20% less bites per day than you were consuming before. This slight reduction is key to gradual—lasting—weight loss.

Life With the ELMM

  • Wear the ELMM at all times for maximum simplicity.
  • Don’t worry about trying to change your eating or moving habits right away. Take this time to measure what your current habits are.
  • Ask family, friends, Siri, or your calendar to remind you to start your ELMM bite counter before your usual meal times.
  • Review your bite and step counts from the first week or two. Look for patterns.
    • Do you eat more on weekends compared to weekdays?
    • What is your typical meal pattern?
    • Do you normally eat three times a day?
    • How many bites and steps do you take on a typical day?
  • Use these typical bite numbers and step numbers to set your goals. In studies, goals of a 20% increase in steps and a 20% decrease in bites have been used to achieve weight loss of 1 lb per week. But, feel free to start with a smaller goal at first and change your goal later.
  • Set a daily bite limit and a daily step goal in your ELMM software.
  • Try to reach these goals every day! At first you will probably feel hungry, depending on the difficulty of the goal you’ve set. It is OK if you are not perfect. Just work to get closer and closer to your healthy eating goal.
  • Keep your eyes on the results you want to see. Take just a couple fewer bites at each meal. Learn to push the plate away, eat less, and avoid the compulsion to clean your plate every time. Small changes add up over time.
  • As you develop the habits of monitoring how much you eat and eating less—and how much you move and moving more—you should see progressive weight loss happening before your eyes. If you like, keep a personal photo album of your progress to encourage you along the way!
  • Remember, weight gain doesn’t happen in a day. It happens over weeks, months, and years. Sustainable weight loss will also take weeks and months. The idea is to change your lifestyle to establish the new ELMM you!

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