If asked, you could easily identify the best way to lose weight: Eat Less, Move More. You might also add eating nutritious meals and making permanent changes to lose weight gradually. But overall the idea is simple.*

It’s doing it that’s truly difficult.

Both moving more and eating less require lifestyle change. We’ve developed a unique weight loss tool—the ELMM watch—to act as your diet buddy as you make small lifestyle changes for lasting impact. The ELMM watch is a calorie counter that helps you achieve real weight loss.


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The ELMM measures how many bites you take during each meal or snack. For the first few weeks, you don’t have to change your eating habits at all—just record them. Once you’ve established how many bites you take per day on average, you can set a goal of 10% to 20% less bites and use the ELMM’s bite tracking feature to reach your daily goal—and change your eating habits in a healthy and positive way.
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While you can lose weight by using the bite counter alone, the ELMM also counts steps. You will gain an idea of how much energy you expend each day, the second most important contributor to weight loss.
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Tracking software (Windows) is included with the ELMM to help you monitor your progress.

Not Your Average Calorie Counter

Monitoring how much energy you consume (traditionally done by counting calories) is an effective way to lose weight—so long as you spend the time, effort, and restraint to do it correctly. Unfortunately, that presents willing dieters with a huge challenge. The average person, dieting or not, tends to record 10 to 15% less calories than they actually consumed at every meal!

The ELMM is the only wearable tech on the market that objectively and automatically monitors overall intake—by counting bites! This means that you can put aside difficult, time consuming, and often inaccurate calorie counting methods and portion controlled meals that limit you to your home.

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$119.95 Press a button before and after eating Extremely accurate (See How It Works) 5 minutes a day
Counting Calories or Points
$0 to $60 per month Record calories from each food item and all additional ingredients at each meal Prone to an average error of recording 10 to 50% less calories than consumed each day; prone to missing records during entire meals and days altogether. An average of 45 minutes per day
Portion Controlled Meals
$716 per month, on average Eat meals as directed Accurate, but not easily portable Ordering and selecting meals only
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Know When You’re Full Before Your Body Tells You

When it comes to eating right, we constantly battle our own human nature to survive and take pleasure in our food. We also battle an overabundance of high-calorie foods that taste great but don’t satisfy, leaving us hungry for more. The ELMM’s method of counting bites helps you know when you should be full, at which point you can stop eating with assurance that you’ve truly had enough.

The ELMM is more accurate than your own full signals—and more friendly than an elbow to the ribs from an accountability partner! Instead, the ELMM produces a polite alarm (an optional setting) when you are full.

Control Meal Portions On the Go

The ELMM works wonderfully in partnership with (or instead of) diet plans or portion-controlled meals. Because the ELMM goes anywhere you do, you can dine out, order take out, or prepare a meal at home without fear of overeating.

The ELMM puts calorie control back in your hands—or, on your wrist! Learn more about how the ELMM watch counts your bites: